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Bee Present. Bee Yourself.
Bee Alive.


The entire team creates an inviting atmosphere with professional instructors who care about your yoga experience and your well being.

-Victoria O'Brian

I attended my first yoga class last night, and it was great! The atmosphere was inviting and comfortable-I would definitely recommend Bee Alive Yoga!


-Tamarra T.

Really great class! So happy to find such a wonderful and welcoming space.

-Ty B.

Fantastic facility, staff and students. It was my first time in a Yoga studio and the other students were inviting and helped me get acclimated. The instructor was amazing, offering poses for many skill and flexibility levels, I cannot wait until my next class and highly recommend to anyone interested!

-Carley P.

Have you taken any our classes? If so, we would love to hear your thoughts! 

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