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Fusion Bellydance

with Sanne

What is Fusion Belly Dance?

Are you looking to have fun, build strength, build body positivity, and move to music? Belly fusion is the class for you! Fusion belly dance is characterized as Middle Eastern Dance combined with another forms of dance, such as circus, Indian, hip hop and others. 

We offer two Fusion Belly Dance classes.

Fusion Belly Dance 1 

 Thursdays at 7 Pm

In Fusion Belly Dance 1, this beginner friendly class will be focusing on isolations, foot patterns, arm patterns, hips, chest, and core muscle control. Drills and conditioning will help you gain the muscle memory, strength and flexibility needed to execute the movements. A fun way to stay fit and healthy while learning a new movement vocabulary! 


Fusion Belly Dance 2

 Mondays at 5:45 Pm

In Fusion Belly Dance 2, there will be conditioning, stretching, and strengthening the body to improve movement technique while learning how to do isolations, shapes, layering, combinations with drills and specific muscle group exercises to increase flexibility and strength for fluid and locking movement to help prepare for choreography. Discussions on the history of Fusion bellydance, costuming, and stylizations that set it apart from traditional bellydance. Inclusivity and body positivity encouraged, all are welcome!

For questions regarding belly dance class email Sanne at:

Over the last 10 years Sanne (pronounced Sa-Nah) has been exploring the world of dance and Yoga all over the world. Tribal Fusion bellydance, Holistic Temple Dance, Indian dances, and more. Sanne carries certificates in Dancecraft by Zoe Jakes (Diamonds and Spades) Rachel Brice (8 elements Initiation) and has learned from other inspiring teachers such as Sharon Kihara, Mardi Love, Kami Liddle, Zola Dubnikova, and more.  She has also performed all over India, Europe and the States.

About Sanne

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