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Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga 1:
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 10:15 AM
Chair Yoga 2:
Monday & Wednesday at 4:30 PM

"I have been participating in the chair yoga classes since October and love it! The instructor has the hour planned to reach all areas with stretching to the best of one's ability. The level is what you make it and no one is intimidating. It is a great place and friendliness is felt as soon as you open the door!"


Drop in:



One Month Chair Membership:

$60 a month

5 class pass:


10 class pass:


1 Year of Chair:

Paid in Full


Comes with FREE Zip Up Hoodie

What is Chair Yoga?

Chair Yoga makes yoga accessible to everyone. It is a non-intimidating introduction too yoga. Prepare for a feel good class with many laughs! 


Chair Yoga 1

This class is for all levels and offers a practice that includes seated poses on the chair and standing poses using the chair for balance and support. Suitable for those working with injuries, inflexibility, movement disorders, balance problems, and all others looking for extra support in a yoga class. Chair Yoga allows the client to modify their yoga practice based on mobility, health, and current ability level. 

This class does not use a mat. 

Chair Yoga 2 

This class builds on the concepts & principles from Chair Yoga 1. In Chair Yoga 1, you are introduced to seated and standing postures on your chair that work on building balance, muscle, and grounding.  Chair Yoga 2 takes it up a notch by practicing on the mat and minimizing the use of the chair. However, modifications are provided to students who wish to still use the chair throughout the whole class. 

This class does use a mat.

Please bring a water bottle for your health and hydration! 

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