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Upcoming Workshops & Events

Friday April 21st at 6:30 PM

Not feeling zen-ed out? That's okay! Use your poses and breath techniques to tap into your frustrations and allow yourself to feel them to release anger through primal movement, yoga and probably some cursing!


Members: $20     Non-members: $25

Reiki Healing Meditation Circle_edited.jpg

In this workshop, we will be incorporating reiki with a healing meditation using self-regulation and non-duality. This is based on regulating the nervous system, feeling and noticing sensations in the body attached to feelings, self-compassion, observing thoughts and stories, leading us into non-duality or becoming closer to union with our authentic and true selves. 

This workshop will be led by Sanne, a certified Reiki practitioner and has been trained in self-regulation, as well as many years of self-study in non-dualism and eastern philosophy. 

$25 Per Participant

Copy of Kid Yoga-3.jpg

Columbia County Humane Society and Bee Alive Yoga are partnering for another feline filled yoga practice! Come flow with cuddly kittens, and recieve a 20% off adoption fee for attending!

$25 Per Participant


$60 Per Participant

We are excited to be bringing Kids yoga back! 

Ages 5 to 11. Join us this summer for Kids Yoga! We will be offering TWO 3-week sessions in June and August. 

June session dates

(must register by June 12th, 2023)

Tuesday June 13th until Thursday June 29th. 

August session dates

(must register by July 31st, 2023) 

Tuesday August 1st until Thursday August 17th. 

Please note, we will need at least 5 children enrolled to move forward with these sessions. 

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